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Now its easier than ever to out-smart the world's least secret...secret agent, in this cunningly funny 4-DVD collection, featuring all 26 episodes of Get Smart's fourth hit season. In this season a mission at a TV station leads to some interesting problems for Max and 99 -- when cornered in Chaplin costumes, Max confesses his feelings to 99. And she interprets it as a proposal! On their way to the altar, Max and 99 have other problems to deal with, including impersonating the infamous bank robbers Connie and Floyd, unfortunate "accidents" that befall Max's best men, and Siegfried's diabolical vegetable-decimating scheme... right down the street from 99's mother. And the wedding itself is thrown into KAOS when Max is fed a secret map which requires him to stay vertical for 48 hours.Obviously this may cause problems for the wedding, not to mention the honeymoon. And the newlyweds are confronted by many other problems: a laser blazer, disappearing couriers, toxic neighbors, a giant diamond, an invisibility formula (by a gorgeous female scientist), the infamous Leadside, missile explosions near gold courses, a budget cut that forces 99 to get a new job, an awkward visit by Max's doppelganger (the king of Coronia!), the Chief dating a very young woman, undead KAOS couriers sent by a mad scientist, and KAOS kidnapping countless Control agents.

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HBO95421 Get Smart Season 4 DVD (1968/Don Adams/Barbara Feldon) $24.99