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Body Fever -- Ray Dennis Steckler’s only venture into the detective film genre is an intriguing, exciting, and colorful installment in his resume. A ruthless dope ringleader goes after a sexy cat burglar (Carolyn Brandt) who’s ripped him off. It's up to the Humphrey Bogart worshipping private eye named Charlie Smith, (Ray Dennis Steckler under the Cash Flag pseudonym) to find her before the drug boss puts her to sleep for good! Charlie falls under the spell of the beautiful femme fatale as they plan a double cross against the seedy and cold-blooded gangsters. Las Vegas Serial Killer -- A killer is stalking the streets of Las Vegas, a merchant of death whose resume in the field of human slaughter is vast and horrifying. On August 31, 1986 Jonathan Klick was released from the Nevada State Penitentiary due to a technicality. He arrived in Las Vegas three days later and is known to be responsible for what is now being called "The Glamour Gulch Holocaust." Based on a true story, in the tradition of "The Boston Strangler". Hollywood Strangler Meets Skid Row Slasher -- A Duo of serial killers creates a tidal wave of terror in tinsel town! A depraved sex maniac posing as a nudie photographer is strangling young, sexy models at an alarming rate. At the same time, a psychopathic slasher (CAROLYN BRANDT) is slicing her way through the down and out derelicts of skid row, slitting their throats from ear to ear and leaving them in the gutter to drown in their own blood! When the supply of victims runs dry, the killers at large face off in an apocalyptic showdown of psychopathic proportions! Blood Shack -- An old abandoned ranch is possessed by an ancient sword-slashing Indian Spirit known as "'The Chooper" that threatens to slaughter any intruder who dares trespass the threshold of the cursed backwoods abode. BLOOD SHACK is a thrill-paced rural shocker from the notorious schlock moviemaker, Ray Dennis Steckler (RAT PFINK A BOO BOO, LEMON GROVE KIDS MEET THE MONSTERS) hiding behind the pseudonym, 'Wolfgang Schmidt.' Starring Carolyn Brandt (RAT PFINK A BOO BOO, INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES, EEGAH!) and featuring the late rockabilly superstar, Ron Haydock- the one and only RAT PFINK himself!

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GP0704 Midnight Movies Collection II DVD (Body Fever/Las Vegas Serial Killer/Hollywood Strangler Meets Skid Row Slasher/Blood Shack) $19.95 $17.99