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On the run from the law, Trigger Carson is hired by Marty Todd, head of a notorious gang of cattle thieves. Before long, Carson, who is really an undercover detective, has gathered the information he needs to put the rustlers in the hangman's noose. But when his cover is blown, he must first find a way to survive Todd's gunmen who are out for blood. Cowboy screen legend Harry Carey appeared as "Cheyenne" Harry Morgan in a series of hit 1917-1919 Universal westerns by director John Ford. Carey enlivened legendary motion pictures including Trader Horn (1931), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) (for which he received a best supporting actor Oscar nomination), and Howard Hawks' Red River (1948) with John Wayne.

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ALP6322 Last of the Clintons DVD (1935/Harry Carey) $5.99