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Created by Sherwood Schwartz, the man responsible for "Gilligan's Island," "Dusty's Trail" is centered around a group of pioneers lost in the untamed frontier after being separated from a wagon train. All of the characters from "Gilligan's Island" are represented, with Bob Denver as the bumbling Dusty. Together with the engineer, the banker and his wife, the saloon girl, the young school teacher and the wagon master, the group make a succession of comical attempts at finding their way to California. Cavalry's Coming: Two cavalry soldiers wrongly arrest Andy for stealing the company payroll, and Dusty and Callahan conspire to spring their framed friend from captivity. Love Means Bananas: Gronk the gorilla is loose and treats himself to Dusty's food supply before falling for the beautiful Betsy and abducting her to a cave. Nothing To Crow About: A killer tornado threatens the wagon train, but the only map that can lead the group to safety is missing... along with everyone's valuables. Wizard Of Ooze: A bubbling volcano is mistaken for a mineral bath by the weary travelers, and amnesia prevents Dusty from warning them of the danger.

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ALP5189 Dusty's Trail Volume 2 DVD (1973/Bob Denver/Forrst Tucker) $5.99