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Tokyo is a dark technopolis ruled by Nogi, a yakuza boss specializing in drugs and murder. He gained absolute power by executing the former boss and marrying his daughter, Chiaki. Only Chiaki's half sister, the mysterious Ikko, threatens him. Inspired by a legendary hit woman, Ikko calls herself the Black Angel and plans to wash away her father's murderer in a deluge of blood. Black Angel II Mayo, the Black Angel, is ordered to assassinate a powerful syndicate leader. The hit goes awry as the crime boss' bodyguard steps in the way. It's none other than Yamambe, who once rescued Mayo from a rape and has lived in her heart ever since. The Black Angel escapes with her life, but is ordered to return and kill the mafioso at any cost. Pistol Opera Stray Cat is number three. She wants to be number one with the gun. Seijun Suzuki creates a stunningly lurid, extreme tale of a woman assassinís surreal rise in the criminal underworld. Its eccentric, eye-popping images and extreme action is fast earning Pistol Opera a worldwide cult following. Starring new sensation Makiko Esumi.

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TSDVD0652 Art of the Gun Triple Feature: Black Angel/Black Angel 2/Pistol Opera $19.98 $17.99