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Created by Sherwood Schwartz, the man responsible for "Gilligan's Island," "Dusty's Trail" is centered around a group of pioneers lost in the untamed frontier after being separated from a wagon train. All of the characters from "Gilligan's Island" are represented, with Bob Denver as the bumbling Dusty. Together with the engineer, the banker and his wife, the saloon girl, the young school teacher and the wagon master, the group make a succession of comical attempts at finding their way to California. Androcles And The Bear: Dusty pulls a thorn from an injured bear's paw and gains a grateful friend, just before a different, not-so-friendly bear wreaks havoc at the campsite. Duel For Daphne: After an innocent kiss from Mrs. Brookhaven, Callahan is challenged to a duel by her jealous husband. Half Moon: A moon-shaped birthmark on Dusty's derriere leads to his being mistaken for the long-lost son of an Indian chief, sparking a rivalry with one of the tribe's braves. Witch's Trail: A beautiful blonde accused of witchcraft brings a spell of bad luck to Dusty and his friends.

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ALP5190 Dusty's Trail Volume 3 DVD (1973/Bob Denver/Forrst Tucker) $5.99