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When Golobulus (Burgess Meredith) and Cobra plot to eliminate mankind and repopulate the world with a vicious race of ancient reptilians, it's up to Duke and company to prevent them from acquiring the technology that will enable them to do so in this feature-length adventure based on the classic cartoon series. Centuries after being driven underground during the ice age, the Cobralas are back, and ready to reclaim the planet. They've developed a plant with spores that possess the power to drain humans of their life force, but the only way they can get the spores to mature is by using the Broadcast Energy Emitter - a revolutionary device with the capability to provide enough energy for the entire planet. As Duke sinks into a deep coma following a fierce fight on the battlefield, Lt. Falcon (Don Johnson) rises to the challenge of leading the Joe team on their most important mission to date.

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Special Features * Audio commentary with G.I. Joe writer/story consultant Buzz Dixon * Public service announcements * Printable script * Art gallery

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SF11881 GI Joe the Movie DVD (1986/Burgess Meredith) $14.98