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In this teenage horror film, a young man avoids the hand of death, only to find that he can't get away from it so easily. On the way to Paris with his high-school French club, Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) has a vivid premonition of the plane crashing and killing all its passengers. After Alex and some other passengers demand to be let off the flight, his premonition turns out to be true, and the jet explodes during takeoff. While the FBI is convinced that Alex was involved in some kind of foul play, the passengers who got off the flight are all dying in horrible ways, as if whoever determined that the passengers would perish is punishing those who cheated death.

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Special Features * Filmmaker commentary by writer/director James Wong, writer/producer Glen Morgan, editor James Coblentz and writer Jeffrey Reddick * Actor commentary by Devon Sawa, Kristin Cloke and Chad E. Donella * Isolated score (5.1) with commentary by composer Shirley Walker * Additional scenes and alternate ending * 2 documentaries: * The Perfect Soulmate: Testing Final Destination and Premonitions * Theatrical trailer

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BRTUN46015 Final Destination Blu Ray DVD (2000/Devon Sawa) $19.98