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When his father is falsely accused and executed for killing a police officer, Johnny Boylan (Billy Halop) and his family must move to the ghetto. Pressured to survive in his new environment, Johnny joins a street gang and turns to petty crime in order to provide for his family. Cyril, a rich kid bored with his spoiled life, talks the boys into a big crime spree. When the police catch on, the kids are forced to make some hard choices. Will they choose the straight and narrow or continue down the road to ruin? Little Tough Guy stars Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell and the rest of the Dead End Kids. Helen Parrish is featured as Johnny's level-headed sister, Kay, and Robert Wilcox as Paul Wilson, Kay's good-hearted fiance.

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ALP6038 Little Tough Guy DVD (1938/Dead End Kids) $5.99