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A popular TV series in the late 1950's, "Lock Up" dramatizes how innocent citizens can be accused and punished for serious crimes, and that a thorough investigation - without prejudice - is the unalienable right of every citizen. The inspiration for these weekly stories (78 episodes from 1959 through 1961), came from the personal files and case histories of prominent, Philadelphia lawyer, Herbert L. Maris, a man who strongly believed in the major canon of American jurisprudence: That we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Starring MacDonald Carey as Herbert L. Maris, Esq., each half hour episode portrays the attorney as a man "who has devoted his life to saving the innocent." Fugitive From Fear: A claustrophobic Korean War veteran is wanted for the killing of his ex-secretary. Maris thinks the man is innocent and plans to help him prove it. But first he has to lure him out of hiding. Jungle Compound: A murder at the zoo has no shortage of likely suspects, but "testimony" from a four-footed witness may help cut through the confusion. The Intruder: Maris is certain that Mrs. Conway did not deliberately kill her estranged husband, but all the witnesses and the evidence say that she did. A midnight restaging of the shooting may prove otherwise. Number Please: A much-hated blackmailer is shot dead. A kindly old woman is arrested for killing him, although every person listed in the dead man's phone book had a motive.

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