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The wilderness is a desolate dangerous place for man and beast. Lobo, the half-wolf hunting dog, and his master, Pierre, enjoy the simple life trapping for furs. But when sheep from the neighboring herd are found slaughtered, suspicion falls on Lobo. Early the next morning, Lobo sneaks off to search for the real killer. Pierre knows that his trusted canine partner couldn't possibly be the culprit, but when he tracks the dog down and finds him with a fresh carcass, he is compelled to follow the law of the land - Lobo must die. Before Pierre can pull the trigger, though, he is attacked and killed by a ferocious mountain lion, despite the dog's valiant attempt to save his master's life. Now being hunted for the sheep killings and the death of his beloved owner, Lobo makes his way through the wilderness to track down the carnivorous cougar before it kills again.

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ALP5994 Call of the Wilderness DVD (1932/Francis McDonald) $5.99