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Tragedy left a boy orphaned and alone, forced to fend for himself in the jungle wilds. Over the years he survived and thrived, growing in strength, skill and mastery. Sound like a hero you know? He’s the elusive teen the natives call Jukaro, and only someone who’s been through the same improbable experience can track and find him. For the third and last time, former professional-football linebacker Mike Henry offers a reinterpreted Ape-Man who’s accustomed to both the civilized world and the wild. He’s a man of action in either realm and action is at the forefront as his search for Jukaro leads to conflict with a fierce territorial warrior (Olympian Rafer Johnson, who also battled Mike Henry’s Tarzan in Tarzan and the Great River).

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WAA180035 Tarzan and the Jungle Boy DVD (1968/Mike Henry) $19.95