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Don Phillips (Onslow Stevens) and Ralph Nelson (James Bush) are the best of buddies, the kind that would die for each other. When Ralph discovers that his father has passed away under mysterious circumstances, he decides to return home to California from his business in the South Seas to investigate. Caught in a freak storm and shipwrecked, Ralph is seriously injured and the two friends decide that Don should take his place back home. Able to masquerade as "Ralph Nelson" because nobody has seen him in years, Don quickly realizes that he's in over his head. When the family lawyer Uncle Weatherby becomes suspicious, Don reveals the truth. But Uncle Weatherby has been doing some sleuthing of his own, and conspires with Don to keep up the ruse in order to flush out the murderer of Ralph's father! When the real Ralph returns, he must now pretend to be Don, and the trio of amateur detectives put their very lives in jeopardy to smoke out the killers. Star Onslow Stevens is perhaps best remembered by horror and mystery fans for his role as Dr. Edelman in Universal Pictures monster rally House of Dracula (1945).

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