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"Give me a Sailor", released in 1938, is Hope's third feature film and he supports Martha Raye in a quite funny re-working of Cinderella. Raye was being given a build up by Paramount so the film is a broader showcase of her talents than the usual rowdy burlesque comedy. She is very sympathetic here and two scenes standout - one is her tearful reaction to being dumped by Jack Whiting and the other showcases her superb vocal talent with a ballad, a talent which was not displayed enough. Betty Grable plays her unpleasant sister and hindsight tells us that all the qualities which lead to her stardom a few years later were there in 1938, simply not showcased effectively. "Caught in the Draft", released in 1941, is Paramount's answer to the Abbott and Costello's smash hit "Buck Privates" with Hope very much the star now. Hope is a cowardly film star who is drafted into the army and the ensuing comedy is as genial as it is predictable. There is the usual excellent supporting cast, Lynne Overman being the standout, with lots of great one liners.

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MC21361 Caught In the Draft/Give Me A Sailor DVD (1941/1938/Bob Hope) $14.98