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Gorgeous torch singer, Lela Larson runs off and marries wastrel millionaire Ted Rendon, to escape the lurid life of the underworld. Her longtime lover, crime boss Phil Carida, is furious about having his girlfriend stolen. Marriage does not slow down Rendon's self-destructive debauchery and before long, Lela contemplates divorce. But when Rendon is found shot in the head, she is arrested and tried for murder. Despite her innocence, only a miracle can save her from the electric chair. Sing, Sinner, Sing is based on the real-life love affair between tobacco millionaire Smith Reynolds and cabaret singer Libby Holman that scandalized the 1930s. Actress Leila Hyams is stunning and convincing in the role of Lela. Academy Award winner Paul Lukas (Watch On The Rhine,1943) appeared in many fine films including The Lady Vanishes, (1938) and The Casino Murder Case (1935), but is probably best remembered as Professor Aronnax in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954).

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