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In the dark recesses of a century-old Victorian home dwells an evil that will push one woman to the edge of sanity. Danielle is a beautiful psychology student who recently suffered a psychotic episode, and now in order to rebuild her life she has moved into a labyrinthine Victorian house. When Danielle admits to her sister Anna that she believed her new home to be haunted, Anna is forced to face up to the fact that her sister may be delusional again. But Danielle isn't crazy, and in order to prove it she's prepared to gather first hand evidence of the menacing supernatural activity in the home. In attempting to document the haunting, Danielle stirs the spirit of vicious child killer Edgar Crowe. Crowe's evil is so powerful that it endures even in death, and he's prepared to continue his killing spree from beyond the grave. As Danielle begins to gain an unsettling taste for the torture of small children, Crowe manipulates her into building a new and improved version of his notorious "Panic Chair." By the time Anna realizes the key to destroying Crowe, will it already be too late to save her sister?

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LGE23291 Chair DVD (2007/Nick Abraham) $14.98