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Dizzy Doctors(1937) - The Stooges discover their cleaning fluid is actually a medicine and pitch it to the head of the hospital. Soon they're on the run from the cops and the dotors. Calling All Curs (1938) - When a prized poodle is dognapped from their pet hospital, the Stooges must turn a mutt into a bloodhound to track down the bad guys. Disorder in the Court(1936) - The Stooges are the star witnesses in a murder trial, but it's courtroom chaos when they attempt to reconstruct the crime and uncover the real murderer. Pop Goes the Easel(1935) - The Stooges are mistaken for thieves and hide out in an artist's studio until a suspicious cop shows up and a wild clay fight begins.

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CO16245 Three Stooges: Stooges on the Run DVD (1935-38) $14.95