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Ivy (Zoe Kazan of Revolutionary Road) returns home to Brooklyn for her summer break from college. She misses her boyfriend, and calls him frequently, but they can't quite seem to connect. She spends a lot of time with her longtime friend, Al (Mark Rendall of 30 Days of Night). Al clearly has a longstanding crush on Ivy, about which he's never done anything, probably out of some combination of fear and respect for their friendship. His confusion is exacerbated when, due to family circumstances, he's forced to stay with Ivy and her mother (Maryann Urbano) during his break from school. As the summer goes on, Ivy deals with her epilepsy and the slow, painful dissolution of her relationship, while Al starts to look for love in other directions.

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Special Features * Crafting a Character - An Interview with Zoe Kazan and Bradley Rust Gray on the Streets of New York City * "Thursday" by Asobi Seksu - A Music Video by Soandbrad * Flutter - Gray's 1997 Short Film from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

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