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One New York Christmas Eve, three elderly gentlemen - a wild Irishman, Michael O'Brien (Charles Winninger), a gruff merchant banker, George Melton (Harry Carey), and a retired colonel, Allan Chadwick (C. Aubrey Smith) - discuss the immortality of the soul of man. Upstairs, displaced Russian aristocrat and mystic, Madame Tanya (The Wolf Man's legendary Maria Ouspenskaya) toils as a housekeeper. The gentlemen decide to prove the inherent goodness of the soul by throwing three wallets, with ten dollars in each, out into the snow to see if and how they are returned. The first wallet is picked up by vain actress, Arlene Terry (Helen Vinson), who appropriates the money and discards the billfold. The other two wallets are picked up and returned by Texan, Jimmy Houston (Richard Carlson), and Jean Lawrence (Jean Parker, star of Edgar G. Ulmer's Bluebeard). Over the next few weeks the fivesome are inseparable and romance blooms between Jimmy and Jean as he croons lyrical love songs into her ear.

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ALP4339 Beyond Tomorrow DVD (1940/Richard Carlson) $5.99