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The following are the "Here's Lucy" season four episodes, their airdates, and guest-stars in brackets where applicable. 1. "Lucy and Flip Go Legit", Sept. 12, 1971 (Flip Wilson) 2. "Lucy and the Mountain Climber", Sept. 20, 1971 (Tony Randall) 3. "Lucy and the Italian Bombshell", Sept. 27, 1971 (Kaye Ballard) 4. "Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage", Oct. 4, 1971 (Mike Connors) 5. "Lucy and the Astronauts", Oct. 11, 1971 6. "Lucy Makes A Few Extra Dollars", Oct. 18, 1971 7. "Someone's On The Ski Lift With Dinah", Oct. 25, 1971 (Dinah Shore) 8. "Lucy and Her All-Nun Band", Nov. 1, 1971 (The Remnants) 9. "Won't You Calm Down, Dan Daily?", Nov. 8, 1971 (Dan Daily) 10. "Lucy and the Celebrities", Nov. 15, 1971 (Rich Little and Jack Benny) 11. "Ginger Rogers Comes To Tea", Nov. 22, 1971 (Ginger Rogers) 12. "Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night", Nov. 29, 1971 (David Frost) 13. "Lucy in the Jungle", December 6, 1971 14. "Lucy and Candid Camera", Dec. 13, 1971 (Allen Funt) 15. "Lucy's Lucky Day", Dec. 20, 1971 16. "Lucy's Bonus Bounces", Dec. 27, 1971 17. "Lucy and the Little Old Lady", Jan. 3, 1972 (Helen Hayes) 18. "Lucy and the Chinese Curse", Jan. 10, 1972 (Keye Luke) 19. "Lucy's Replacement", Jan. 17, 1972 20. "Kim Moves Out", Jan. 24, 1972 21. "Lucy Sublets The Office", Jan. 31, 1972 (Wally Cox) 22. "Lucy's Punctured Romance", Feb. 7, 1972 (Bob Cummings) 23. "With Viv As A Friend, Who Needs An Enemy?", Feb. 14, 1972 (Vivian Vance. 24. "Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Who's Apron Strings", Feb. 21, 1972, which was a pilot for a proposed spin-off of "Here's Lucy" starring Lucy Arnaz called "The Lucy Arnaz Show" that CBS didn't pick up.

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The bonuses, like previous "Here's Lucy" DVD box sets, are many and include; the featurette "Here's Harry: Remembering Gale Gordon", five new "Here's Lucy" production files, brand new opening introductions on each individual episode with such people as Rich Little, Kaye Ballard, Lucy Arnaz, and Tim Matheson, Lucille Ball Home Movies, Lucy on the "Pearl Baily Show", commercials, and multiple episodes of Lucy's radio series called "Let's Talk To Lucy" with Dinah Shore.

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