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Forget about Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, this beach blanket is being pitched on the Baltic Sea and East German pop stars are singin' and dancin', lovin' and fightin'. After a number of serious (and banned) films on teenagers, this bit of fluff lit up East German box offices in 1968. The blend of pop songs, rock and upbeat lyrics kept the soundtrack on the hit parade for more than a year. Resurrected in the 90's as a cult item, Hot Summer is definitely unique - a bit goofy, a bit naive, but a genuine cultural artifact nonetheless. Like Grease in America a decade later, this frothy piece of escapism was an unexpected hit at a time when movie musicals seemed beyond revival.

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Bonus materials: Music Video featuring the film's star Chris Doerck An Introduction to Hot Summer and its musical stars Featurette "The Best of East German Cinema"

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