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A scientist carrying the secret to a new high-powered explosive must be safely escorted to Washington and ace pilot Bob "Three Star" Halsey (Lyle Talbot) is the best man for the job. Moments before takeoff, crooks take control of the flight and steal the formula. Halsey watches helplessly from the ground as the plane goes down in flames and the thieves escape by parachute. His sweetheart Judy, whose brother was also aboard, races to the crash site, only to be kidnapped by the villains. Halsey and his co-pilot Wings risk everything to save her, calling on their world-class flying skills in the film's terrifying finale. Murder in the Clouds features death-defying stunt flying so impressive First National Pictures would end up re-using the footage in many subsequent films.

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ALP4363 Murder in the Clouds DVD (1934/Lyle Talbot) $5.99