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In the fiery desert of North Africa, young hard-hitting French Legionnaire, Don Carter (Ben Alexander) gets thrown in the brig for hitting his sergeant while arguing over beautiful cabaret singer Nina De Bernay (Hala Linda). Feeling responsible for his fate, Nina turns to the local sheik for help. Sworn enemy of the French invaders, Sheik Ibrahim Ul-Ahmed (Roy D'Arcy) sends his henchmen to free Don, scheming to force him to assemble captured French machine guns. Don's older brother Bob (Ralph Forbes), also a legionnaire, learns Don's Fate from Nina and sets out with his legionnaire buddies to rescue his reckless little brother. Soon all the Frenchmen are caught in a desert nightmare of imprisonment and torture. Bob must choose between fixing the evil sheik's stolen machine guns to save his brother from torture, or honoring his duty to the flag of France.

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LGE24081 Legion of the Lone Ranger DVD (1981/Christopher Lloyd/Jason Robards) $14.98