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Taxi driver Jack Kirkland is a perfect lookalike for recently murdered John Prescott Jr., heir to a fortune. His resemblance to the dead man puts Jack at the mercy of con man Don Clayton and crooked detective Jay Malone, each of whom plans to swindle the wealthy Prescott family. Kirkland initially agrees to pose as John Prescott but regrets taking part in the scheme after he falls in love with Diane, the scion's stepsister. Jack's sudden reformation doesn't sit well with Clayton, who forces the imposter to draw $100,000 out of Prescott's bank account - or face a bullet in the head. A former child actor who worked in vaudeville before finding berths with upscale theatrical troupes and repertory companies, Wallace Ford broke into movies shortly after the coming of sound. As a dependable player whose stage-honed timing and dialogue delivery was perfect for talkies, Ford worked for practically every studio in Hollywood, generally taking supporting parts in major films but essaying leads in Poverty Row productions. Get That Man gives Wally a dual role and keeps him on the run, thanks to the breezy direction of B-movie specialist Spencer Gordon Bennet, whose assured handling of a complicated plot is the picture's greatest asset

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ALP6600 Get That Man DVD (1935/Wallace Ford) $5.99