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Boston blueblood Aloysius Merriweather loves to play jokes on people and hes come up with a joy-buzzer of a doozy. Hell send barber Joe Jenkins in his place to a dinner party aimed at squeezing a few Merriweather millions. That Cinderella plan soon turns into a pumpkin coach with the wheels fallen off. Circumstances will force shave-and-a-haircut Joe to masquerade as Merriweather for much longer. The comedy comes fast and frantic in Mister Cinderella, from Hal Roach Studios and starring a pre-The Wizard of Oz Jack Haley in the title role. Co-stars include Betty Furness and Arthur Treacher. Each would later find TV fame for their work in, respectively, the Today show and The Merv Griffin Show.

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WA18011 Mr. Cinderella DVD (1936/Jack Haley) $19.99