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In "The Hand", Michael Caine stars as gifted cartoonist named John Lansdale who is having marital problems. To make matters much worse, Landsdale loses his hand in a fantastic and bloody automobile accident. John must come to terms not only with losing his hand but also his talent as an artist. He is about to lose his cartoonist contract and his cartoon character named "Mandrowe" to someone else that he despises. With his marriage on the rocks and other emotional problems, Lansdale starts to lose it...he imagines his enemies being killed even an old drunk which turns out to be played by Oliver Stone himself. The interesting and fascinating thing about this movie which most people do not "get" is the dual possibilities of the murders that subsequently take place after Lansdale loses his hand. In each instance when someone is murdered, Lansdale either blacks out and/or imagines this "hand" murdering people...he dreams about "The Hand" and fears "The Hand". The rhetorical question then becomes whether Lansdale is killing these people himself and "the hand" is his angry alternate personality that he implements in the unconscious mind to carry out these murders OR there really is a "hand" running around murdering, possessed by Lansdale's dark and raging unconscious evil mind. The intelligent audience is left with the former assumption. It appears that Lansdale is simply crazy by movie's end and the viewer sees the various flashbacks that show Lansdale himself killing these people. But, is it "the hand" indeed that is committing these crimes and Lansdale who is definitely crazy but perhaps, he is right, as ridiculous and absurd as it sounds. Ultimately while driving Lansdale crazy, Lansdale fights with himself or as he sees it with "the hand". It is clear that "the hand" is either Lansdale base and evil personality or it is an evil and supernatural possession of "the hand" which is not only killing Lansdale's enemies but also is framing him for the murders. After all, they never did find the hand after the automobile accident.

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