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3 nifty Stephen King stories brought to life (with the exception of G. This movie comic starts with George Kennedy doing a wonderful job as a storekeep murdered by thugs and avenged by a wooden Indian. Story Two, "The Raft" is all-out cool. Kids smoke pot and swim to a raft (in an off-limits lake), and blob of gook on lake eats them one by one until all that is left is the Camaro the kids drove up in. Genuinely creepy. And in "The Hitchhiker" Lois Chiles plays an adulteress driving home from a fling when she kills a hitch hiker and then drives off. Of course, hitch won't let her get away with that and so what follows is the scariest and most off-beat segment in the movie. This guy can't be killed, but Lois certainly gives it all she's got.

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ANB11419 Creepshow 2 DVD (1987/Lois Chiles) $9.98