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Battling on the high seas to protect beautiful Princess Nadji (Maria Alba) from Vindhyna's vicious grasp, Chandu (Bela Lugosi) lands his yacht on the strange island of Sutra. Nadji is mysteriously teleported to the high priest's temple on Lemuria where she is prepared for sacrifice. Chandu and his crew chase after her, but their boat is destroyed by raging natives leaving them shipwrecked. The castaways now face annihilation by cannibals and the cult's evil priests whose Black Magic has weakened Chandu's own powers. Creeping along a shadowy maze of menacing passageways beneath the temple, Chandu confronts torturous threats in his frantic quest to find Nadji. Mustering all the mystical forces he can to stop her murder, Chandu is strengthened by his love for the terrorized princess.

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ALP9622 Chandu On Magic Island / Return of Chandu 2 disc DVD (1934/Bela Lugosi) $12.99