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Beast of the Yellow Night (1971, Color): As notorious killer Joseph Langdon flees through the Philippine jungle, one step ahead of an all-out police manhunt, he makes a pact with the Devil to spare his life in return for his soul. He believes he got the better end of the bargain, but it seems he failed to read the fine print on the diabolical deal. Satan's contract calls for him to periodically be transformed into a crazed, hideous, flesh-eating demon. Eddie Romero, who wrote and directed this low-budget horror film in 1971, is the most celebrated Philippino filmmaker of all time. His four-decade career led to him being named National Artist of the Philippines in 2003. Starring John Ashley, Vic Diaz; Written and Directed by Eddie Romero. Keep My Grave Open (1986, Color): A psychotic, sword-wielding killer impales victims one by one at the remote Fontaine mansion. Living there in the darkened rooms and hallways are emotionally disturbed Leslie and her reclusive and abusive brother, Kevin. The woman's psychiatrist, condemning her obsessive and incestuous relationship with Kevin, urges her to leave, but to no avail. As the bodies continue to pile up, Leslie sinks deeper and deeper into murderous madness. One of four horror films from director S. F. Brownrigg (Don't Look in the Basement, Don't Open the Door, Scum of the Earth), Keep My Grave Open is notable for the screen debut of busy, successful actor Stephen Tobolowsky (Basic Instinct, Memento). Starring Camilla Carr, Stephen Tobolowsky; Directed by S. F. Brownrigg.

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