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Under Texas Skies (1930, B&W): Horse thieves have figured out the perfect scheme to steal Joan Prescott's herd. They kidnap Army Captain Jack Hartford as he travels to the Prescott ranch to purchase fresh mounts for the cavalry. An imposter takes Hartford's place, intending to use the stolen Army requisition papers to rob Miss Prescott without a shot being fired. But two government agents, both separately searching for the missing Captain Hartford, are closing in fast. Starring Bob Custer, Lane Chandler, Natalie Kingston, Bill Cody, Tom London; Directed by J. P. McGowan. Riders of the North (1931, B&W): A mountie is shot dead in a fur-trappers cabin, and Sergeant Stone of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police is assigned to track down the killer. Fingerprints found on the murder weapon match those of young Tom, the brother of Sgt. Stone's girlfriend, Ann. Tom has been mixed up with a gang of outlaws led by Mac McGuire and his bloodthirsty henchman, LeClerc. Stone suspects that Tom may have been framed, but setting a snare to catch the real murderer involves getting Ann to turn in her own brother first. Starring Bob Custer, Eddie Dunn, Blanche Mehaffey, George Regas; Directed by J. P. McGowan.

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