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Suave, sophisticated Captain "Bulldog" Drummond (John Howard) explores hidden riches right in his own Rockingham backyard in this sixth installment of the popular series based on H.C. McNeile's detective stories. Drummond is all set to marry his sweetheart, Phyllis Clavering (Heather Angel), when the eccentric Professor Downie (Forrester Harvey) suddenly arrives, informing the Captain that there is a buried treasure hidden somewhere on his estate and that he has the secret cipher which will lead them to it. After deciphering the code, the professor is murdered. Drummond and his loyal crew, caretaker Tenny (E.E. Clive) and loyal friend Algy (Reginald Denny), explore the manor's mysterious, unknown passageways uncovering a gothic torture chamber in their quest to discover both the treasure and the identity of the professor's killer. Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police includes a short retrospective of the prior Bulldog films in the form of an inventive dream sequence triggered by the Captain's pre-nuptial jitters.

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ALP4137 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police DVD (1939/John Howard) $5.99