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IN FOUR EXCITING, ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURES, Buffalo Bill, Jr., his feisty kid sister, Calamity, and their adoptive jack-of-all-trades father, Judge "Fair 'N' Square" Wiley, bring justice to the town of Wileyville, Texas in the late 1880s. Produced by Louis Gray and Gene Autry's Flying A Productions, "Buffalo Bill, Jr." ran on NBC TV from 1955-56, loosely mixing historical characters with rip-roaring western exploits. Star Dick Jones did his own spectacular stunts, from good old-fashioned fist fights to trick riding, usually on the first take, lending an air of authenticity to the breathless action! The Black Ghost: Calamity suspects something sinister after Bill rescues a beautiful young lady from the clutches of a notorious outlaw. She must prove that the damsel-in-distress is actually a Texas rose - with thorns! Grave Of The Monsters: After a U.S. Indian Affairs Agent is murdered and a young brave is left for dead, Bill and Calamity help their Navajo friends protect sacred ground from evil oil prospectors. Tough Tenderfoot: A newly arrived Scotsman runs afoul of his wicked American cousin who is bent on inheriting a family gold mine - even if it means murder! The Death Of Johnny Ringo: A gunman posing as the notorious killer Johnny Ringo takes aim at a government courier and the fortune in bonds he's carrying. The U.S. Cavalry is now in trouble and Buffalo Bill, Jr. must ride to the rescue!

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