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A rancid bouquet of opium and prostitution hangs thick over Madame Ying Su's Chinatown Tea Room. On the night Ralph Bonner is to deliver a legendary dagger containing a priceless rare jewel to Triad master Lee Fong, the lights go out and there is a shot in the dark. When the lights come back on, the coveted dagger is missing and Ralph is found dead. Ralph's brother Jim (Rex Lease) is fingered for the murder by the hopelessly inept Detective Dooley (Billy Gilbert). A droll old dark house mystery newly lacquered with opium den intrigue, Chinatown After Dark is a suspenseful whodunit loaded with clandestine affairs, ancient blood feuds and dark plots shrouded in the mists of vice.

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ALP4689 Chinatown After Dark DVD (1931/Rex Lease) $5.99