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Lon Chaney stars as Erik, the Phantom, in what is probably his most famous and certainly his most horrifying role. Produced by Universal, the film shot in 1923 and shelved for nearly two years, and was subjected to intensive studio tinkering. While many expected a disaster, the film turned out to be a rousing success. It was both the stepping off point for Chaney's run as a superstar at MGM and the prototype for the horror film cycle at Universal in the 1930s. The story concerns Erik, a much-feared fiend who haunts the Paris Opera House. He lurks around the damp, dank passages deep in the cellars of the theater, and carries his obsession with understudy Christine Daae (Mary Philbin) to a terrifying conclusion.

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ID4097DS Phantom Of The Opera DVD (1925/Lon Chaney) $19.99