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MURDER CAN BE DEADLY: Call girl Jo Lake (Liz Fraser) is working in club rackets with her man who is killed by a gangland boss (Kenneth Griffin). Clubber, Tom (Tony Wickert) is caught up in the murder. RT: 60 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1962 THE MARKED ONE: A blackmailer demands the plates used in a forgery plot for which Don Mason served time. Don doesn’t know where they are but when his small daughter Mary, living apart with her mother, is threatened he starts hunting for them. RT: 65 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1963 PIT OF DARKNESS: When Richard Logan, the partner in a safe-making firm is found unconscious on an old deserted bomb site; he finds that he has no recollection of the last three weeks. Then he discovers that the private detective, hired by his wife, has been found murdered, and a safe that his firm installed in a large country house has been cleverly opened and the contents missing. So with the help of his wife, he sets to uncover the truth. RT: 78 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1961

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UE8596 Renown Pictures Crime Thriller DVD Collection (Murder Can Be Deadly/The Marked One/Pit of Darkness) $14.99