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The popular '30s comedy team of Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey get a crash course in hotel management in this zany farce. Fast-talking insurance salesmen Wilbur (Wheeler) and Addington (Woolsey) run into wealthy runaway Mary Marsh (Dorothy Lee), who's on her way to claim her inheritance, the Ritz De La Riviera hotel. The guys join her in the new business venture, transforming the decrepit old inn into a high-society resort. The new clientele attracts the attention of underworld smuggler Buffalo Blackie, who plans to rob the rich guests. While timid Wilbur is smitten with Mary, her oft-married mother (Jobyna Howland) takes a liking to the cigar-chomping Addington and wedding bells start ringing double! Before walking down the aisle, the boys must survive a frantic mobster shootout inside the Ritz and keep everyone's precious valuables from being swiped.

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ALP4270 Hook, Line & Sinker DVD (1930/Wheeler/Woolsey) $5.99