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The spoiled daughter of a rich steel baron, Dorothy Parker sets her sights on Dick Brunton, a supervisor at her father's factory. Ignoring the protests of her family, who are certain that their different backgrounds will doom the relationship, Dorothy vows to secure their engagement within a month. Dick quickly falls for the woman's charms, and their marriage propels him into her extravagant lifestyle. Her insatiable desire for luxury forces the newlyweds to rely on Dorothy's father for money, and Dick soon finds himself at the mercy of the Parker dynasty, a kept husband. To regain his pride and save their marriage, Dick risks everything on a last-ditch plan that will either prove their love or tear the couple apart, forever. Romantic-comedy director, Lloyd Bacon's career dates back to the silent era when he co-starred in several of Chaplin's best Essanay shorts, including The Tramp, The Vagabond, Easy Street and others. He is also responsible for such classics as 42nd Street (1933), Footlight Parade (1933), Knute Rockne, All-American (1940) and The Fighting Sullivans (1944).

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