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Jacques Derrida is a French author and philosopher who is regarded as one of the world's leading exponents of deconstructionism, a school of thought which argues (among many other things) that "truth" is not an absolute, and must be viewed within the context of the mindset of the person expressing it and the frameworks within which the idea has been related. Appropriately enough, Derrida, a documentary about the man's life and work, offers its subject many opportunities to present his ideas directly to the camera, and even allows him to deconstruct himself as he offers commentary while watching one of his interviews on a video monitor -- and later, analyzes his own deconstructive analysis. Derrida was directed by Kirby Dick, who previously won acclaim for a film about another highly individual thinker, "supermasochist" Bob Flanagan in Sick.

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Special Features * Audio commentary by the filmmakers * Almost one hour of never-before-seen interviews with Jacques Derrida * Deleted scenes, with filmmaker commentary * Derrida on DERRIDA: Q&A with Jacques Derrida and the filmmakers at the New York premiere * Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired

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