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Includes episodes 1143-1185 At Collinwood in the year 1840, governess Daphne Harridge finds a letter from her absent sister warning her to stay away from Quentin Collins. Roxanne Drew rises as a vampire and attacks Lamar Trask. When Trask discovers Quentin‘s laboratory and proclaims that he will be placed on trial for witchcraft, Barnabas and Desmond Collins vow to save Quentin from being executed. Gabriel Collins plots to revise his father Daniel‘s will so that he and Edith Collins will inherit the entire family fortune. After reading servant Ben Stokes‘ diary from 1795, Lamar Trask finds the skeleton of his father bricked up in the Old House basement and plans revenge on Barnabas. Angelique realizes that Barnabas‘ claims that Gerard Stiles is possessed by Judah Zachery may be true.

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Special Features Exclusive interviews with actors David Selby, John Karlen, James Storm and creator/executive producer Dan Curtis

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