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Includes episodes 1022-1061 In the strange and terrifying world of 1970 parallel time, Angelique the witch torments Maggie Collins with her supernatural powers, causing Maggie to fear her husband Quentin. Angelique reveals her true identity to her father, Timothy Stokes, and warns housekeeper Julia Hoffman that the vampire Barnabas Collins must be destroyed. After his secret is discovered, John Yaeger, the evil alter-ego of scientist Cyrus Longworth, kidnaps Maggie. Barnabas returns to Collinwood in regular time to notify Dr. Julia Hoffman of the perils occuring in parallel time, where her counterpart discovers Barnabas‘ coffin and makes plans to stake him. Longing to discover who she is, Barnabas initiates an experiment to revive the body of the mysterious and beautiful Roxanne Drew, with whom he becomes obsessed. After a series of deaths, a crazed Stokes sets fire to Collinwood.

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Special Features Exclusive interviews with actors Lara Parker and Donna Wandrey, writer Joe Caldwell and television critic/historian Mark Dawidziak

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