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Psych-Out (1968, 89 minutes): Tune in. Turn on. Psych out! Take the ultimate in psychedelic trips with Susan Strasberg, Dean Stockwell, Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern! When a deaf runaway (Strasberg) visits swinging San Francisco in search of her brother, she teams with the aptly named Stoney (Nicholson) and his out-of-sight hippie band "Mumblin' Jim." But the more she succumbs to that music - and danger-filled Flower Power scene...the more she realizes that reality is a rotten place to be! The Trip (1967, 79 minutes): Hedonism isn't just for breakfast anymore. Or so learns TV commercial director Paul (Peter Fonda) on his first LSD trip - a mind-blowing passage through surreal images and stroboscopic light shows. Written by Jack Nicholson and directed by Roger Corman, The Trip takes you to a whole new world of extreme beauty and sheer terror - on a passport the size of a stamp!

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MG1004485 Psych-Out/The Trip DVD (1968/1967/Roger Corman) $14.95