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SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE VOICE OF TERROR (1942) When taunting saboteurs warn of a Nazi invasion of the British Isles through a horrific radio menace, the British Intelligence‘s Inner Council calls in Sherlock Holmes to help in the crisis. SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SECRET WEAPON (1942) The great detective must stop the Nazis from getting their hands on a new bombsight, wrapped in a code of dancing men. SHERLOCK HOLMES IN WASHINGTON (1943) Top-secret documents are missing and a British secret service agent is dead. Holmes and Watson go to Washington to recover the documents before they fall into the wrong hands. SHERLOCK HOLMES FACES DEATH (1943) Holmes and Watson are summoned to Musgrave Manor to invetsigate a murder. Holmes solves a complicated puzzle of an ancient family ritual expose the murderer.

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MP7563 Sherlock Holmes DVD Collection #1 (Voice of Terror/Secret Weapon/In Washington/Faces Death (all Basil Rathbone) $69.98 $59.99