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SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE WOMAN IN GREEN (1945) Four women are murdered and curiously all four have been left without their right forefinger. Scotland Yard concludes that a madman is to blame but Sherlock Holmes suspects otherwise and soon deduces a criminal mastermind is at work. SHERLOCK HOLMES PURSUIT TO ALGIERS (1945) Holmes and Watson learn that the King of a Ravenia has been assassinated and his son Nikolas is now a marked man. The great detective and his comrade are pressed into service to protect the life of the soon-to-be crowned monarch. SHERLOCK HOLMES TERROR BY NIGHT (1946) The action takes place on a speeding steam train racing from London to Edinburgh. Lady Margaret Carstairs possess a 423 karat diamond, known as the ‘Star of Rhodesia’ and her son employs Holmes to protect the priceless jewel until it reaches its home in Scotland. SHERLOCK HOLMES: DRESSED TO KILL (1946) Three identical musical boxes manufactured by an inmate at Dartmoor Prison are sold to three random collectors at an auction house in London. A female antagonist (Patricia Morison) and her accomplices attempt to recover the musical boxes using all means possible, even murder.

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Special Features DVD Extras: Commentary from renowned British author David Stuart Davies Photo Gallery Archived Footage of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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