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Murs Kulgawcowa was a servant for rich Jewish people for many years, and the necessity for her to kow-tow and take orders from them was galling to her. Still, at their request, she goes to see them where they now are, in the Warsaw ghetto. They want her to take their youngest child with them "until its safe." She sees an opportunity to get some revenge for the humiliation she suffered and is very rude and difficult with them. All the same, they give her so much money and so many valuable things that she finally relents and takes the girl with her. The two odd companions travel for some time together and grow friendly, so that when it looks like it might be necessary for her to do so, the former washerwoman is willing to die to protect her young charge.

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FAC88526 Just Beyond This Forest DVD (1991/Jan Lomnicki) $29.95 $26.99