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"Shell Game," pits a notorious jewel thief against Ironside; "Split Second to an Epitaph Part 1" and "Part II," Ironside is the only witness to a murder, but has to go into hospital for exploratory surgery. Joseph Cotton stars; "The Sacrifice," a cop friend of Ironside's is the prime suspect in a murder; "Robert Phillips vs the Man," a black rights activist is arrested for murder, prompting the Black community to threaten to take to the streets. Paul Winfield stars; "Desperate Encounter," a friend of the Chief's invites him to stay for a weekend visit then promptly disappears; "I, the People," an obnoxious talk show host begins to receive death threats. Written by Milton Berle who also stars; "Price Tag Death," the Chief learns of the murder of homeless man by an ex-cop now living on the streets; "An Obvious Case of Guilt," a friend of the Chief's is suspected of murdering her husband. Anne Baxter stars; "Reprise," Eve is shot and may die. The Chief questions encouraging her to join the force, while Ed wrestles with arresting Eve's shooter or killing him outright; "The Macabre Mr. Micawber," a talking Mynah bird may hold the key to murder. Burgess Meredith stars; "Side Pocket," a young pool hustler is coerced into a contract with a crooked promoter; "Sergeant Mike," an old woman is murdered, and the only witness appears to be a large dog. Bill Bixby stars; "In Search of an Artist," a painting turns up rendered by an old friend presumed dead after confessing to a murder. Broderick Crawford stars; "Up, Down and Even," Eve's niece is arrested for drugs; "Why the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met on Thursday," the Chief's elderly Aunt turns to him for help when a member of her bridge club goes missing; "Rundown on a Bum Rap," Mark battles to prove the innocence of his former boxing coach; "The Prophecy," a fortune teller makes wild predictions for Ironside and his team; "A World of Jackals," a friend of Mark's lead them into a case of kidnaping and murder; "And Be My Love," Eve falls in love with a robbery victim. Chad Everett stars; "Moonlight Means Money," Ed is suspended after he unwittingly discovers a drug operation during a night on the town with a friend; "A Drug on the Market," an elderly friend of Ironside's contacts him fearing she is losing her mind because she hears voices and has received threatening calls; "Puzzlelock," Ironside investigates an ex-cop whom he believes murdered his wife; "The Tormentor," a famous baseball player receives threats; "A Matter of Love and Death," a woman dies from an illegal abortion; "Not With a Whimper, But a Bang," a local college is plagued by false bomb threats.

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