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Conniving womanizer Ken (Adam Goldstein) joins a bulimia support group in an effort to bed a troubled girl with a serious eating disorder, only to find that maintain his good guy act is much more difficult than he originally anticipated. When it comes to women, Ken isn't picky. An equal opportunity seducer, he'll sleep with virtually anyone. When Ken meets Talia (Nina Braddock), he realizes he's in for a challenge. Talia is bulimic, and she attends a weekly support group in order to keep her disorder in check. Masking his true intentions, Ken convinces the group leader that the members could benefit from hearing a male perspective. Before long, Ken is invited to join in on the discussion. But in order to get to Talia, he'll first have to contend with the other members of the group during a series of intimate, one-on-one weekly sessions. Ken has always prided himself on his cunning ability to maintain his elaborate charades until bedding his targets. But when his session partners begin to realize that his motivations are far from pure, the man who calls himself "The Snake" begins to wonder if it isn't time to simply slither away and set his sights on an easier target.

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