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Six Gun Justice (1935, B&W): Gold from a train robbery lies buried in the desert and only outlaw gang member Tom Slade and his son, Jim, knows where it's hidden. Desperate to get his hands on the loot, sadistic gang boss Nevada Joe kills Tom and kidnaps Jim. Threatened with torture, the younger Slade is rescued at the last second by Marshal Jack McDonald. When McDonald suffers a gunshot wound during the rescue, Jim vows to wreak vengeance on Nevada Joe and his gang. Starring Bill Cody, Donald Reed, Hal Taliaferro, Ace Cairn; Directed by Robert F. Hill. The Texas Rambler (1935, B&W): There's a gold deposit on the Conroy ranch, and Flash Carson is determined to get his hands on it. He kills owner John Conroy, and plots to ambush John's only heir, his niece Billie Conroy, before she can claim her inheritance. Billie is rescued by a stranger calling himself the Texas Rambler. The Rambler is actually lawman Tom Manning, who is investigating John Conroy's murder. Manning joins Carson's outlaw gang in the hopes of getting enough evidence to put him behind bars for good. Starring Bill Cody, Earle Hodgins, Marie Burton; Directed by Robert F. Hill.

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