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Betty White has been one of America's most beloved radio ("Blondie") and television ("The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "The Golden Girls") personalities for nearly six decades. She displays her considerable charm and comedic flair in this classic 1950s TV series which she co-created, produced and headlined. Her work on "Life with Elizabeth" led to her first Emmy in 1952. In four hilarious episodes consisting of three vignettes each, everyday conflicts arise between Elizabeth and her very adoring, yet frustrated husband, Alvin. Elizabeth's quirky sense of humor, silly antics and crazy schemes send the two of them on a continuous rollicking ride of marital ups and downs. Episode 1: Elizabeth is having a very bad day and Alvin's attempts to cheer her up fall short... Elizabeth and Alvin recall their first kiss... Alvin is disenchanted when Elizabeth invites an old flame from high school to dinner. Episode 2: The living room is in trouble when Elizabeth gets hold of a saw and a home remodeling magazine... Alvin and Elizabeth engage in a battle of the minds... Elizabeth gets roped into watching Mr. Fuddy's home movies. Episode 3: Alvin regrets bringing work home from the office... Elizabeth and Alvin are late for the Mayor's party... Elizabeth and Alvin strike a sour note with a temperamental piano tuner. Episode 4: Alvin is a bit over-competitive at ping pong... Alvin "saves" $300 by fixing the roof himself... Alvin insists that women are incapable of writing a good mystery story.

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