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From the maniac mind of Japanese sensation, Takashi Miike, the director of ‘FULL METAL YAKUZA’ and ‘YOUNG THUGS’ comes his gangster opus, THE BLACK SOCIETY TRILOGY. SHINJUKU TRIAD SOCIETY In a twilight world, where gangster and law enforcer attract and repel each other in waves of violence, Tatsuhito, a dirty cop pursues the gay Chinese warlord, Wang, from the night world of Shinjuku to Taiwan. RAINY DOG An outcast yakuza Yuji, lives as a hitman on the fringes of the Taiwanese criminal world. But when he’s unexpectedly saddled with what may be his real son, his lethal skills are deployed to win a haven for his new family. LEY LINES Three boys of mixed race seek to escape from Japan, but their search brings them up against dangerous gang boss Wong, who holds the key to their departure.

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Special Features Exclusive Interviews with Director, Takashi Miike Exclusive Interviews with Editor, Yasushi Shimamura Full Length Commentaries with Tom Mes Cast & Crew Bio/Filmographies Trailers

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