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The nefarious General Burr is in cahoots with the land-hungry Russian Count Raspinoff, who seeks to claim Northern California for his empire. Their bloodthirsty rampage claims many lives. When Don Loring's father and brother are killed, he puts on a black cape and mask and, vowing revenge, is reborn as "The Eagle." By day, Loring poses as a kindly church organist, but by night he challenges unscrupulous gangs of killers. The Eagle fights his way through dozens of deadly desperados until he reaches a final confrontation with the men who murdered his family. Featuring top-notch stunt work by the innovative, death-defying Yakima Canutt, Vigilantes Are Coming is one of Republic's most exhilarating, action-packed serials. This 12-episode adventure stars Bob Livingston of "The Three Mesquiteers" fame and was co-directed by serial legends Ray Taylor and Mack Wright.

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ALP4891 Vigilantes are Coming DVD (1935/Bob Livingston) $5.99